Some cool shit going on with my life.

Well since this year I’ve kept telling myself this is the year i shine. With that being said things fall into place but with a struggle each time.  First of all I’m finally back into school, doing good in graphic design. My teachers are actually capable of teaching me what i want to learn so this is a great experience. My car has reached new levels of exposure without me even really trying. Cars are my gift, i can create art out of any car that is given to me.  Over my builds they just get easier and easier.  Im hoping by the end of 3 months ill have enough saved for new paint. And then on its way to get featured for print.  My clothing company Victims of Culture had its first collaboration the other day and we sold 1,500 worth of product. Thats saying something for 2 kids that have only put the main effort in this year. Its super awesome, very humbling to see people want my designs.  On top of good health one other thing has impacted me in a uplifting way. Its been a little over a year since me and my ex parted ways and only 3 months since the last girl i dated just left me in the dark.  But recently i have met the most amazing girl.  I only have been talking to her for about a week but have known her for awhile.  She’s everything I’ve wanted up to this point in my life. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, witty, playful, compassionate, affectionate, and has a way to make me feel wanted i have not felt before. In short she’s the best thing to happen all year over all those other achievements, and thats saying something when my car literally is my life.  I can just look into her eyes and i can see how our souls are already clicking.  Just ahhhh i can’t even put how great she is in words.  I look at the girls i talked to before her and their is no comparison.